Here’s a great source of energy data: The Shift Project. The Shift Project looks at the relationship between economic growth and energy, a subject that obsesses this blog also.

Ok, it’s got a bit of a strange name, but it’s a wonderful repository of easy to select, great to view datasets, including:

  •        Energy production (by sector)
  •        Greenhouse gas emmissions
  •        Energy demand
  •        Electricity generation and demand
  •        Energy consumption
  •        Energy balance by country

It also has tools to play around with your own Energy Production extrapolations.

The Shift Project Data

The Shift Project

The Shift Project is a European wide, French led, think-tank created in March 2009 as  not-for-profit association. They describe themselves not as a “think-tank” but as an “action-tank”

“The Shift Project wishes to promote a sustainable economy that is neither anti-capitalist in principle nor out of step with scientific fact. Although we share certain characteristics, we do not define ourselves as a scientific body or as a ‘traditional’ environmental NGO. Neither do we represent a particular strand of business.”

“TSP brings forward factual information unavailable elsewhere regarding the links between the economy and energy, and uses that information as the basis for debating reasoned proposals for the initiatives and measures required to manage the shift to a world better-placed to resist the constraints imposed by carbon.”

“The objective of the working group launched by The Shift Project is to analyze to which extent energy is the first element that shapes the economy by questioning the link between GDP and energy consumption.


Here’s a link to their mission statement:

The Shift Project receives sponsorship from Groupe Bouygues, Credit Agricole, SNCF, SPIE, Veolia, and Vinci Autoroutes.

Useful stuff.


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